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An alkaline conditioning perm which allows water or lotion wrapping. An exclusive buffering agent leaves the hair silkier and because it is self timing, the hair cannot be overprocessed.

Hair Types:
Normal, Fine/Limp, Grey and Resistant, slightly damaged hair.

Why Select this Perm:
Unique formulation allows for water or lotion wrapping. Exclusive buffering agent leaves the hair gentle without overprocessing.

Processing Method and Timing:
Room temperature processing with plastic cap.
Stop Action
Water wrap: 20 minute processing
Lotion wrap: 10 minute processing

wrapping techniques:
Water wrap and lotion wrap without tension.

Advantage of neutralizer:
Unique Silico-Protein Complex provides hair with extra softness and sheen. Pleasant fragrance eliminates post-perm odors. Neutralizer can be used with any formula.

compares with:
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