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A no-heat, self-timing acid wave which can be used on most types of hair.  It not only provides valuable conditioning agents but also true to rod curls.

Hair Types:
Normal, tinted and dimensionally colored hair (Less than 50% frosted)

Why Select this Perm:
Curl longevity. Excellent for tinted and dimensionally colored hair. GMT activator has special humectants which allow moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft.

Processing Method and Timing:
Room temperature With plastic cap.
  Self timing
  20 minute processing

wrapping techniques:
Water wrap with moderate tension.

Advantage of neutralizer:
Unique Silico-Protein Complex provides hair with extra softness and sheen. Pleasant fragrance eliminates post-perm odors. Neutralizer can be used with any formula.

compares with:
   Quatum Acid