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A heat activated, non-peroxide, odor free acid wave which will not lift color or bleach the hair while maintaining the brilliant, natural finish of the perm.

Hair Types:
All types (Bleached or Double Processed may require Gentle Formula)

Why Select this Perm:
Unique formula allows for excellent results on a wide variety of hair types. GMT activator has special humectants which allow moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft.

Processing Method and Timing:
Dryer heat-activated with plastic cap.
Processing: Full strength
   Normal Hair - 20 - 30 minutes
   Tinted Hair - 5 - 10 minutes
Processing: Gentle strength
Normal Hair - 10 - 15 minutes
     Tinted Hair - 5 - 10 minutes
Test curl recommended.

wrapping techniques:
Water wrap with moderate tension.

Advantage of neutralizer:
Non-peroxide neutralizer. Exclusive formula prevents color loss or fading. It is also more tolerant against metal ion contamination and oxidative damage. Not only is the neutralizer much gentler to the hair, But it reduces damage to the cuticle. Pleasant fragrance eliminates post-perm odors. It can be used with any formula.

Compares With:
Warm & Gen